Long Distance Sucks

Isn’t is crazy how quickly relationships can be built? Or even crazier, how quickly a relationship that used to be so strong, can diminish when distance separates the two? I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across a select few relationships/friendships in the past couple years that are worth fighting for when distance comes into play. I full-heartedly believe that a friendship is 50/50 and there truly is no point in fighting for a friendship if the other person is giving you any less than 50%. However, when it comes to long distance friendships, sometimes that isn’t always the case. Life gets in the way, it always does, and it tends to get in the way at different times for different people. Some people at my age are busy in college, others are busy working, and some are even beginning their little families. Despite the different stages all of us are in, sometimes life just takes over. And when in comes to having a long distance friendship, those days in the past where you felt nothing but stress and anxiety and you end up eating an entire tub of ice cream and bitching about life with your best friend turn into you coming home, getting done what needs to be done, and sleeping the stress away. Those long conversations on the phone that you had every day turn into once every week until slowly you start to realize its been over a month since you last talked on the phone. The conversations may dwindle down, but the love I have for the individual and the friendship we’ve built does not. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” We’ve all heard the saying, and yes, in some cases that is true but in others, distance makes you forget how grateful you are to have such amazing relationships/friendships in your life whether they are 5 miles away or 5,000. So I wanted to write this post as a daily reminder to myself that I have not only gained amazing friendships, but I have gained friendships that are worth fighting for 110%. If anyone reading this is struggling to keep a long distance friendship or relationship alive, take some time to reminisce. Remind yourself of all the amazing memories shared with that person. Randomly give them a call just to tell them you appreciate them. Send them a care package to let them know you are thinking about them. You WILL know when a relationship is worth fighting for, so in those rare occurrences when you find a keeper, cherish them and the relationship ya’ll have built because nowadays, it truly is hard to find the keepers.

xo ツ

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