About me

Hi my name is Hannah. I am a junior at Indiana University and I am
studying psychology. This is my first year at IU and so far,
absolutely nothing has disappointed. The campus is beautiful, the
city is beautiful, and so many different opportunities have been
opened up to me. Needless to say, my life is going pretty well and I
love the fact that I get to share it with my amazing boyfriend
Jackson. Despite the amazing school I attend, my wonderful support
system, and the awesome people I’ve met just since starting classes,
sometimes life just gets overwhelming so I have decided to document
all of my life events and some lessons I’ve learned along the way.
Maybe it will be of use to someone, or maybe it will be a way to
remind myself of lessons I’ve already learned and quite frankly have
no desire to re-learn. Either way, I hope you stay along for the ride!